Wir freuen uns über nette und interessante Einträge!

Leila Zehtaban zehtaban_l@yahoo.com 10.12.2013 15:53
I was there in the concert and it was just fantastic! The chore, the music, the singers and the organization were all perfect. I enjoyed the beautiful multimedia performance however it was tragic… I would like to thank you for such an amazing evening!
Michael Ohle michaelohle@web.de 17.11.2013 23:00
On Sunday in chapter 10 - Freedom - just before our Basso voice set in I saw Klaus conducting, an audiance of 900 emotional people behind him and 200 performers in front of him. I have been listening magnified to the great Orchestra, Aurelius Choir, Soprano and Alto, became a little bit melancholic and thought:

"Only 2 chapters away from the last tone of an impressive vocal, instrumental and medial composition and performance..." :-|

...and suddenly missed my entry :0

THANKS to all major and minor participants and organizers who made possible our rehearsals which started already in the first quarter of the year until the impressive final concerts with all supporting acts like solists, speaker, Aurelius Choir, Orchestra, Soprano-, Alto-, Tenoro- and Basso-colleagues from the Solitude-Choir, videos, sound, light, website, stage, speech, advertisment, program, future DVD and especially to Klaus and Zane. :pray:

I wish that neither our generations nor any children of our earth have to experience the inhumanity that Rachel Dror saw in her early years when she was young.

Maybe some courage is necessary to not look away, tolerate or participate when brutality tries to rule once again.

Sometimes I think that the basic root of our lives, beyond our own parents, is some oxygen, water, plants, the sun to renew some oxygen and water, the bees to renew some plants and maybe a little bit of fish, cows and other things people prefer to cook, some more, some less. Nature generously nourishes us.

If our nature is the common source of ourselves and our children, parents, grandparents and all human beings, some people might think of nature as the common mother of mankind. A.Einstein predicted the end of mankind only 4 years after we stop our mother's rejuvenation cycle by just poisoning our bees. Without mother no children, without nature no mankind. It seems that all people are one family.

Maybe a careful mother says: "All my children deserve the same right to thrive and prosper. Anyone of you who expects help and no blind eyes from your brothers and sisters when you are mistreated will not look away if one of them is tortured today."

I am looking forward to hearing my brothers and sisters again in New York next November... chapter 10 is waiting for revenge. ;)

So long, take care and keep an eye on your family and the bees! (B)
Frauke Peters 13.11.2013 20:48
Wir haben bewegende Proben und Konzerte erleben dürfen - danke an Zane und Klaus für ihre Inspiration!
Michaela ender 13.11.2013 06:38
:):)Ein super tolles Konzert schade das ich es nicht nochmalsehen konnte und vielen dank fuer die tollen Plaetze super tolle Leistung:pray:
Heike Graser 12.11.2013 14:00
Noch nie hat mich ein Werk so tief beeindruckt und bewegt, die Musik ist in wunderbarer Weise immer noch tief in mir. Es ist einfach großartig, ein Teil dieses Chores zu sein.
Karin Kirmse karin.s.kirmse@t-online.de 12.11.2013 00:01
Es waren wunderbar bewegende Konzertabende! Danke, dass ich daran teilhaben durfte.
Klaus Breuninger Klaus@Breuninger.net http://www.breuninger.net 23.07.2013 14:31
Ein großes Dankeschön an Albrecht Wittmann für die sehr informative und kompetente Führung durch die KZ-Gedenkstätte Vaihingen/Enz
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